I’m Tao He. I’m a graduate student in Beihang University, majoring in Computer Science and Engineering. I received my bachelor degree from Beihang University at 2017.

./Computer Science and Engineering

I’m a Haskell enthusiast. I have submitted some patches to GHC and hadrian. I have also contributed to many open source projects, such as ghc, apache-arrow, pandas, mxnet, pytorch, etcd-cpp-apiv3, and more

I’m working on cloud-native engineering and thinking about how to make the computational systems efficient, observable and robust.



I’m proudly a member of BHOSC and under the umbrella of this origanization I’m co-maintaining the LaTeX template for thesis of Beihang University.


I maintain the de-facto C++ client library etcd-cpp-apiv3 for etcd. The library was first developed by nokia and open source under the BSD-3 License hasn’t been updated for years. I’m currently maintaining the library, and implemented features like watch, lease, lock and enabled both token based and certificate based authentication, I have also submitted a bunch of bug fixes as well.

After bringing the library to live again, it has received a lot of “thanks” from the community.


The python package libclang is an unofficial release for libclang (aka. clang.cindex) from the LLVM project. It includes prebuilt libclang binary to Linux, MacOS and Windows, reducing the burden of installing libclang python package a lot, without requiring a full installation of LLVM and clang.


I’m proudly a participant of GSoC 2019 this summer in the Haskell community supervised by Ömer Sinan Ağacan, aimed at making the profiling tool ThreadScope suitable for processing large eventlogs.

I write a series of blogs about the project regularly. Due to personal reason I missed the evaluation deadline of GSoC, unfortunally.


I write blogs regularly at Github Pages to record things inspire me along the way of coding.